Spinach and Bean Oven Casserole With Feta Cheese

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Spinach and Bean Oven Casserole With Feta Cheese

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Despite the Greek’s fascination with meat filled cuisines, there are a number of Greek dishes that are totally meatless. One popular dish is called “Spinach and Bean Oven Casserole.” This delicious meal uses spinach, green onions, dill, leeks, lima beans and feta cheese to create the ultimate casserole. If you are going to make this at home you should try to use fresh ingredients whenever possible. This means buying spinach bunches and fresh tomatoes at the produce department. The freshness of your vegetables will always make the casserole taste better. Now if you are on a budget or don’t have time to properly chop up and prepare your vegetable ingredients, then you can always purchase the frozen or canned vegetables as a substitute. However, the quality of the casserole won’t be as good and you will be able to taste the difference if you have ever had a fresh spinach and bean casserole before.

            The real secret ingredient to the casserole is the feta cheese, which is curd cheese typically made from goat or sheep milk. The company Athenos is a store brand of feta cheese that tastes great. Just look for the container that has “FETA” in big letters on the front. This is the feta cheese you want to add to the spinach and beach oven casserole. Since it is a casserole, you always have to have cheese to give it the extra creamy layer that it needs to melt in your mouth. Many Americans who try to make meatless Greek casseroles will make the mistake of using American cheese or mozzarella cheese with the dish. But this does not make it an authentic Greek casserole because the cheese is truly what identifies the ethnicity of the meal. Feta cheese will make it purely Greek.

            The Greeks typically eat casseroles for breakfast, but Americans have done a good job of adapting traditional breakfast foods from other cultures into foods that are good any time of day. The great thing about spinach and bean casserole is that it is very healthy. You have vegetables, beans, and cheese derived from a better source of milk other than a cow. Therefore, this meal has the perfect blend of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and essential fats. People who are bodybuilding or simply trying to lose weight should implement Greek casseroles like these into their lives. Best of all, it is easy to make a casserole big enough to serve more than one person. So you can cook this for your whole family any time of day and give them a well balanced meal

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